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Jane Winkler (for friends Jenny)

That's me - short profile

  • I am now 55 years old.

  • I have 2 grown children, a girl and a boy.

  • My hometown is Berlin.
    Grew up in Kreuzberg, Neukölln and Gropiusstadt.

  • I learned a sales assistant with a letter "and seal ;-)" or graduation,
    I also have completed training as a childminder.

  • I do not belong to any religious denomination.
    My religious attitude is:
    Living in harmony with my environment.

  • I am also not integrated into any party or association.

My favorite occupations are next to

  • reading, and letting my fingers slide over the keys with fondness,

  • tinkering with the website

  • self-taught language learning

  • To compensate, I play backgammon and

  • Djembé.
    Whereby the music is unfortunately neglected.

The adjective social,

is almost exclusively associated with something good.

However, who or what is considered good

is heavily dependent on the collective character as well as the point of view of individual people.

For example, until the middle of the 20th century it was considered social to chastise children and the people who beat children were not just poor people of the lower class.

Only since November 2, 2000 has a non-violent upbringing for children been enshrined in law in Section 1631 of the German Civil Code (BGB).


In parlance, social means
  • to be recognized by society.

  • To be helpful and unselfish (non-profit) for fellow human beings.

Just arrived in the 21st century,

People who volunteer for refugees are no longer seen as social, but rather dubbed do-gooders.


Some see their security threatened, others do not.

So the welfare state spirits divide and the minds boil high.

Respect and recognition

could and should be taken for granted in a social state like Germany.

My request


To share the wealth of experience

and to shed light on how the social structures are developing on our beautiful blue planet, also known as Mother Earth.

Use feeling

Take a look behind the scenes

and to shed light on how the social structures are developing on our beautiful blue planet, also known as Mother Earth.

To spread the message
that in the end
always good wins

What everyone can contribute

so that everyone lives in harmony with our environment.

How I came up with the domain name

Years ago I met an old friend. She had fulfilled her dream of a big family and meanwhile five children.

In our social system, a family with three children already counts as antisocial :-( As she reported, she felt that every now and then.

However, I was very happy for her because I knew about her own, not so easy childhood. That's why I gave it



What you do, someone has to imitate you first

!!! You are 1a social !!!