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Little brother of death

* The text is based on a true story

I drove the red Audi A4
He next to me.
Didn't have a driver's license
how could it be then?
"Little brother of death" let me see
through a dream.

"Drive faster," he said to me.
I obey you!
So it came to a loss of control
then consciously of the fall.

Wake up alone on the road of life.
Looked for you in vain
I knew it,
you were never there.

Confused, full of pain, I ran home
Small pause in broadcast.

Forget the sorrows of the night.
completely thoughtless

Live, love, continue
cheerful, cheerful.
Weeks later it hit me
that wasn't sleep

Hard fist in my face
Horror news
Grim Reaper did it
The disease takes you away

Wake up alone on the road of life

© Jenny

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